Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Day Outside

We had a great day today- the kids played outside almost ALL day!!! That makes for some tired, but happy, kids!!! There were many injuries throughout the day- scraped hands, bloody feet, a FAT lip, and a rather large goose-egg on the head. There weren't any scraped knees- I guess they have to leave something for tomorrow. Despite the injuries, everyone soaked in the sunshine and had a blast. Rosy cheeked, filthy dirty kids came in at dinner time. After baths and teeth brusing, all went to bed, and I don't think it has been this quiet this early for a LONG time! Yay for SPRING!!!!

Funny- Isaac says at dinner, "I know what kind of chicken this is.... the hard to chew kind."

Cute- Brianna telling Peyton that she's help him ride Isaac's bike.
The picture was taken at our church Christmas program. The kids said some verses from the book of Luke and sang a song. They did such a great job! This was on December 20th and do you remember what else happened on Dec. 20th? Yes, Lydia made her entry into this world just a few hours after I took this picture. Crazy. But I was sooooo glad I could see the kids in the program. :)

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