Friday, March 26, 2010


Today was a full day of making bread (buttermilk and sourdough), school with the kids, and everyday activities (changing diapers, making Lydia laugh, fixing and cleaning up meals, laundry, remembering to slyly suggest a play activity to get a little peace and quiet in the kitchen). The sourdough bread was funny looking when finished. I read somewhere to put cuts in the top of the loaf right before putting the loaf in the oven so that it rises better while it bakes... well I put the slices in the loaf before the last 2 hours of rising... that makes for a funny looking loaf. It still tastes great! Although I must admit that I'm ready to try a new sourdough recipe- any suggestions? The buttermilk bread I made was o-so-yummy! With all the bread making I won't need to bake any for a few days. Nice.

Cute- Brianna watching the Buckeyes with her Daddy.

Funny- Peyton on his training potty reading books with his feet up on a stool. He was lounging- good thing he didn't really "go" cause it would've made a big mess.

The picture was taken last October at a local farm where we went on a hay ride, had cider, and picked apples. I like the picture :)

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