Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"Boy, you have your hands full!"

So, I could bet 1 million dollars (ok, just lots of money) that someone at the grocery store will tell me that I have my hands full. Yes I do, I tell them. So, without fail, the very moment I walk in the door, a very kind, well-meaning lady stops in her tracks, looks at my 5 children and declares, "Boy, you have your hands full!!" I did have my hands full, but I have to tell you - we had the most splendid time ever today at the grocery store. Peyton and Elisa rode in the front of the cart (the front where I am pushing with great strain : ) and Isaac and Brianna rode in the "car" part of the cart, and Kayla walked along, crossing things off my list as we went (while adding imaginary things as well). They were as well behaved as they could ever be. We got through the store faster than I could have if I was by myself. Amazing!!

In other news, I'd like to ask for prayer for baby Stellan. I came across this family's blog through another friend's blog. Yes, confusing. http://mycharmingkids.net This is the link to read the latest updates (and the entire story if you want to take the time). Stellan is 5 months old and has been having heart trouble that can be deadly for a week now. Things are looking up, but he's still in need of all the prayer he can get. Much thanks!