Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Go Buckeyes!!!

Here is Isaac sporting his "football" clothes. Daddy (and Mommy too) is an Ohio State Buckeye fan, so naturally it is fun to have Buckeye attire for Isaac, and naturally all of our children know how to respond when someone says, "O-H!". Yes, the appropriate response is, "I-O!!!" And when one is getting dressed in one's "football" clothes, one must say, "Go Buckeyes!" (Really, we do not brainwash our children.) Now I must say here that our children also know how to cheer for the Cal Bears. "Go Bears!!!" can be heard in the room if a Cal game can be found on our mid-west programming. : ) Much thanks to Poppy Scott for that one! My Ohio-born children still have some CA blood in them : )


  1. Mine too, especially since we now live in CA. Justus does wear his Ohio State Buckeyes shirt to gym practice though.