Thursday, June 11, 2009

Elisa's Birthday

Elisa turned four in March!!! We had some family friends over after church the day of her birthday~ fun times with goodie bags, a craft, and cake and ice cream. I normally make a cake for the kids for their birthday, but this time (mostly because I ran out of time) I let her come with me to the store where she got to pick out her own cake. She really enjoyed this and was very excited about her cake. She loved the colors :)

Elisa is a sweetheart with a great ability to charm and make you laugh all at the same time : ) She loves one-on-one time and will sit on your lap any chance she gets. A couple of her favorite activities are doing puzzles and playing with dolls. Her absolute favorite activity (for now) is helping me with lunch or dinner, even if helping is just sitting on the counter making mommy smile~ she sure does make meal prep more fun!!!

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  1. Don't you just love four year olds? With Sophia being four, I think it's one of my favorite stages yet!

    Colorado has been great so far. The Maggelets are here too, and it's been great to spend time with them.

    Would love for our kiddos to have a play date later this summer! Renee even suggested that today. :)