Thursday, May 14, 2009

Graduation, Soccer, and Ice Cream

We had a wonderful trip to Colorado and Wyoming! We flew into Denver on Thursday evening, enjoyed visiting with family, and the next morning drove 2 1/2 hours to Laramie, WY. My sister Mary Jo graduated from the University of Wyoming - yay Mary Jo! Great job! After the festivities on Friday and Saturday we drove back to Denver for more time with family. We really enjoyed the visit! Besides seeing family, the beauty of Colorado is always fun to see; the mountains always amaze me.

Back in Ohio, Chad and I continue to enjoy playing soccer on Sunday afternoons with our co-ed team. You may remember me mentioning it in an earlier post (ok, so how do I link back to an earlier post???). You may recall that the season is only six weeks, so there's only two games left. I cannot tell you how incredibly fun it is for me to play soccer. I wish I could play more often. Really, it feels like Christmas!!!

The kids are having loads of fun playing outside- trampoline, bikes, sidewalk chalk, planting weeds in plastic containers (ok, some real picked-flowers too), dollies in strollers, helping Daddy plant tomatoes, playing in the dirt, etc. School work continues to get done, but more and more it's hard to not get pulled outside. The weather is just so perfect this time of year. :)

We went to a neighborhood garage sale this afternoon. I am learning. Do NOT pass something up that you'd really like to get because it WON'T be there when you go back for it. ergh. The kids had fun buying little beanie babies with their own money. And Bri found a deal on a pair of toy horses. Boy was I tired when we were done. I need to get better at these things; there are some good deals out there! I'd love to get some tips from the seasoned garage sale folks out there.

The "Moment of the Day" was getting ice cream with all the kids after dinner. We go down to Kelly's - a miniature golf, driving range, dairy bar - and get the kids soft serve. I always enjoy this so much. I think it's just the kid excitement and enjoyment- there's nothing like it.



  1. Sounds fun. Glad your trip went well. I love garage sailing too...don't get to do it much because there aren't that many garage sales in our neighborhood, but it is fun. Seville (about 5 minutes from us) has a big huge garage sale every year...but it's always on my birthday weekend and most years we're having a party that same weekend, but this year we're not planning on maybe this time we can go.

  2. Thanks for stopping by to say hello. Your children are beautiful. Your Elisa sounds like my 4 (but still wants to be 3) year old. Stop by again sometime.