Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ok, so it's been a week or so since my last post. Two reasons...

1. I've been getting ready to go to Colorado (and Wyoming) to see my sister graduate from college. Congratulations Mary Jo!!!! Getting ALL the laundry done so I can then pack all the kids (except Peyton) for Grandma and Poppy's takes, oh, a little bit of time, ok, a lot of time. And then comes packing myself and Peyton. Hopefully Chad will pack himself.

2. Expecting a baby takes a bit out of a person. :) Yes, you heard right, I'm pregnant, and along with that (for me) comes that not-so-fun sick-to-my-stomach feeling and the need for a nap at random times of the day. So, not much time for this newly-found adventure of mine called blogging. And YAY for the baby coming!!!! How awesome is that that God would bless us with another blessing!!! Thank You Lord. We're very excited. You can keep track of how old baby McFadden is with the baby tracker on the bottom right. Today marks 8 weeks. :) Approximate due date: December 17. Now, I must say in regard to the due date that the last two babies have come significantly PAST their due dates. SO, I'm going to TRY to think of the baby coming somewhere between Christmas and New Years. I can see you laughing at me... yes, only God knows when the little one will come. Just humor me, will ya?!

I'm off to finish packing. And yes, that's just a random picture of Isaac. Enjoy the cuteness!



  1. I was blurffing for travel blogs and found your blog. What a nice family. This is such a great way for the kids to look back on life as the age and remember things.
    Well wishes

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  3. Yay, congratulations!! What exciting news!
    May God carry you through the sickness and give you strength for your precious family!

  4. Congratulations Heather! I'm praying for you right now that God gets you through all the "morning" sickness, especially as you prepare to travel! Excited for you!