Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Here's a list of a few happenings of the last few days:

  • Isaac is wearing 'underwear' ALL day and has done a great job keeping them dry!! Yay for potty training! And Isaac has told me several times, "They are not panties Mommy, they're UNDERWEAR!!!" I've apparently formed the habit of using the term panties ~ I guess the three girls who came before Isaac could explain that.

  • Dandelion picking is the new outdoor activity.

  • We had visitors yesterday: Mary Beth Miller and her kids Jakin, Corban, Annie, and Lauren. (We have known the Millers for a long time; Chad and Jack were great friends before I even knew Chad. Thus, Jack was Chad's best man in our wedding. They currently live far away so it's wonderful to get the chance to visit with them.) The kids had a great time playing outside while us ladies had a nice visit inside :) We will get to see them Saturday for Lauren's baptism.

  • Chad and I played our first soccer game of the spring season. Soooooo fun! We play on a co-ed team for old folks. Hehe. Boy were we sore the next day, oh, I mean the very moment the game ended. Hehe. Don't blink, the season doesn't last long - all of six weeks.

  • Peyton has been really fussy. Maybe it's the molars coming in.

  • Brianna finished her 20 reading books for 1st grade!!!! Not that she's done with reading, just with those particular books. She's done such a great job this year!!!

  • And the cute picture is not from the last few days, but I wanted to share it anyway. The kids love to help bake and they love their cute aprons. Thanks Renee Maggelet for the cute aprons!!!


  1. God is really using the McFadden family to make some CUTE kiddos!

    Our Zack has been in 'underwear, not panties' for 3 weeks now and it is sooo liberating! For us both! There truly is nothing cuter than a baby bottom in tighty whitey's ;0). So, YAY for Isaac and way to go Mama.

    xoxo, Veronica in CA

  2. OK, just had to chime in and agree,! Not that that is important, but it sure is fun to look at beautiful children all day long.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I do hope that you will come back and comment often!!